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PDWhat image do you have about yarn? What meaning or image does your native language have about yarn by implication?

QDWhat image do you have about rainbow? What meaning or image does your native language have about rainbow by implication?

RDWhat image do you have about bridge? What meaning or image does your native language have about bridge by implication?

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About the Questionnarie

Atsushi Kadowaki
Miyagi pref. Sendai city Aoba ward
Higashikatsuyama 3-18-6-203,

I am a Japanese artist, making installations with yarn(works are here)
For many Japanese including me, yarn implies relationship linking with invisible yarn or tenderness for its soft feeling or a famous Japanese folk song. In fact, I started this artwork when I listened to a CD which ask us to link people together like linking yarn together.
Making installations with yarn in various places, I want to know what image people have about yarn or how culture affects on this thing. Such research may give me the other sight of view on may artwork.
Please send me your answer to the questionnaire. What images or meanings do you and does your native language have about yarn as well as rainbow and bridge, which are associated from colored yarn.

Examples of answer (1)

birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Native language: English

Images I have about yarn are caring, hands, and home. I don't know of any meanings or images in my native language about yarn.

2. rainbow
My image about rainbows is natural beauty.
In my language rainbow is associated with myth, e.g. that it represents God's promise not to send another flood to destroy the world, and it represents luck, because you can find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

3. bridge
My images about bridges are connection, art, design.
My language's image is associated with myth, e.g. that there is danger under a bridge and that a bridge is something you need to cross to reach the next stage in life.

Examples of answer (2)

Birthplace: Oostende, Belgium
native language: German + Dutch

Yarn (Dutch: "draad" or "garen") is a thread to sew cloths. In slang, "Draad" is also a wire to transmit electric power or telephone signals. "Was-draad" is used to hang the laundry to dry.Metaphorically, it also means a story line, cf. also the expression "rode draad", literally red yarn (in French: "Le fil rouge).

Rainbow (Dutch: "regenboog") is the image of colored bows you sometimes see in the sky when sunlight is diffracted by raindrops. It is a rare event, so people usually take a moment to have a look at it, especially when it is a full bow spanning from horizon to horzon. Mostly children get very excited about it. Even rarer is a double rainbow. A rainbow represents hope and joy. This is probably because it occurs at the end of a rainshower and because it shows all bright colors. Also the bible makes reference to a rainbow: Noah (who used an ark (= ship) full of animals to escape the big Flood) saw a rainbow, which was a sign of God that it was the end of the flood and better times were coming. Metaphorically, it refers to a colorful collection of items. Rainbow children: all skin-types, Asian, Black, and White peacefully united.

A bridge (Dutch: "brug") is a construction that spans a river, a valley, or a canyon so that people can walk or vehicles can drive from one side to the other. They sometimes have a historical or monumental value.Metaphorically, it can also be used as a bridge between people. Being married with a Serbian women, I know of the importance of the bridge in Mostar in former Yugoslavia. It has been bombed and is now being reconstructed with great care (and symbolises the hope for the return of peace to the people in that region). Having German roots, I am also familiar with the term "Luftbruecke" or Air bridge, which helped to supply West Berlin with food during a total embago by the Sovjets and former DDR. As Engineer, I also make the association with an "Ethernet bridge" which is a device to connect data packets of terminals in a local area network. Another association as engineer, is a measurement bridge, which is a electronic set-up to measure impedance values. Bridge brings also the association of a card game.

Examples of answer (3)

Birthplace: Japan
Native language: Japanese

The meanings or action of linking, connecting, joining between people or places because yarn is the thing to be tied or knitted.
In Japanese, the words "link" or "connect" are used with yarn, not "tie". They tend to be used in affirmative meanings. The word "knit" means also "arrange" or "plan" in Japanese

It is ideal, abstraction or concept because we can see it but not touch it.
In Japan rainbow has seven colors and is used to express "very beautiful". We usually say "Rainbow spans in the sky". It comes from its shape looks like a bridge. We have also the word "rainbow bridge".

We have an idiom "to be a bridge between people" "to bridge the gap between two people". A bridge is linking, connecting between two points. But the link with bridge implies independent action while link with yarn implies involuntary condition.

Examples of answer (4)

Birthplace: Japan
Native language : Japanese

Yarn is the thing to be knitted. Its images are soft, warm and unpolished. It has also the image of love of Japanese family, which is clumsy and unrefined. Yarn is weak to be tied something and I don't think yarn has the image of tying something or someone tight.

I hear there was a famous scientist who insisted rainbow was an illusion because they didn't know if it exists or not.
In fact, we can say it is almost fantasy.
It was recently that we could confirm the existence of rainbow.
If I were in the time the existence of rainbow was not confirmed, probably I could not enjoy the beauty of it. So it teaches me how difficult to see things as they are.
In Japan rainbow is synonymous with beautiful places. And it disappears like dreams.

Linking between people or lands. They are points of view or symbol of area like "the Rainbowbridge" in Yokohama, Japan. View and utility tend to be opposed each other. Bridges are rare structures compatible with these two things.

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