Lifetown Art Tour 1st TRIP
produced by "GROUND"


Tenma Game
2004/9/7 Clis Road arcaded shopping district

Shinten-machi and the Tenma system
〜re-creation of transport system〜

During the Edo period(1603-1868), the Date clan stationed 10 horses called "Tenma" around "Clis Road arcaded shopping district".
"Tenma" was a horse which was used for public use. So this area came to be called "Shinten-machi" which means "the new town of Tenma" and prospered as one of the stations in Sendai town. Samurais(Japanese warriors) took Tenmas to the next station and changed them. In this way they transfered to their distinations. This kind of transportation, "Tenma-sei" dates back to the ancient times.
Please look for Tenmas made of clay under the trees in this street and transport them to the next tree. In this way, I will recreate Tenma system as an art work here, the place that was once the town of Tenma.

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