wooden boards

Sendai Art Annual 2003

Sendai Mediatheque

An old board which was picked up by the artist and two new boards--one is sculptured and painted copying the old one. The other is sculptured and painted white.

There are two sheets of paper on the wall. They say--


Count the clouds.
Name them.

Cut a painting up and let them be lost in the wind.

Listen to the sound of the underground water.

Make all the clocks in the world fast by two seconds
without letting anyone know about it.

Take the sound of the stone aging.

Make a way for the wind.

Stand in the evening light
until you become transparent or until you fall asleep.

Yoko Ono "grapefruit juice"



I've counted 653 clouds today.

I cut the painting after my heart
and let them be lost in the cool wind.

I'll follow the root of this tree
growing deep in the ground in my mind
all day long today.

I tried to make the day passing slow.

I'll paint the stone
I picked up in the shore of the river
today as usual.

The tree without leaves stands still
with its shape formed by the wind.

I walk alone on the desolate hill.
The color of the dead leaves blown by the wind
is shining transparently.
I'll keep walking on this hill
throughout my life.

Atsushi Kadowaki "Answer to Ono Yoko"








still life