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・願いは集まり やがて大きな流れとなる
・砂と消えても 願いは再び現れるだろう
・願うこと 貝殻をひとつ拾うように
・お米がたきあがるまで 願いごとでもしてみよう

翻訳 アラビア語 ウェールズ語 英語 オランダ語 中国語ドイツ語 ハングル フランス語 ブルガリア語訳 ポーランド語 ポルトガル語 モンゴル語

These are the things I gathered around Sendai or Miyagi area. I put sentences connected with wish together and had them translated into 12 kinds of languages with the help of my wonderful acquaintances. The sentences and the tings with them are;

"Wishes fall and lie thick on the earth like leaves."
with leaves gathered on Aoba Street.
"Wishes gather together and become a big stream."
with stones picked in upper reaches of Hirose River
"Wishes come out again even if they have vanished away in the sands."
with sands brought from Nobiru Beach.
"Wishes are cherished just as shells are picked one after another on the beach."
with shells picked up on the beach of Urato Islands.
"It is wishes that bear fruits in the mountains.
" with nuts or seeds gathered in suburbs of Sendai.
"One more wish even in a short peaceful time when the rice is being cocked."
with rice from Miyagi Pref.

And translated into Arabic, Welsh, English, Dutch, Chinese, German, Hungul, French, Bulgarian, Polish, Portuguese, Mongolian.










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