Works with Yarn

My artwork often starts with quotation from someone or something.
These works with yarn started when I listened to the CD "SATOKO".

Ms. Satoko Sakamoto was a victim of the Aum Shinrikyo religious society. Before the Sarin Case in Tokyo, her husband Mr. Tsutsumi Sakamoto, the lawyer, would bring a suit against the Aum to take back children or believers from it. The leaders of the Aum ploted Mr, Sakamoto's kill and broke into Sakamotos, killing him, Ms. Satoko and one-year-old child Takaaki. The real facts of the case came out 6 years later after their death.
Ms. Satoko Sakamoto left short poem which she wrote when she was a college student. Her friends wrote music for it and recorded it on CD "SATOKO".
The poem says like this--

Tie red yarn with orange one
And orange one with Yellow one
Yellow one with blue one
I'd like to tie hearts of people living in this town together

I wanted to see the scene like this and started to make works with yarn..


Loop up SENDAI 2007
Sendai Art City Project, Sendai, 2006

Yarn Cherry
Jozenji Street Art Project, Sendai, 2007

Yarn Christmas Tree
S house, Yokohama, 2006
Yarn Christmas Tree
Takemi no Ie, Sendai, 2006

The ship's log of Kirayume-maru
Kirakira Yume Hiroba, Chiba, 2006

Let's loop up your color!
Tsukinoki Elementary School, Miyagi, 2006

Screen of Yarn
Nachi Festival, Miyagi, 2006
Winds of Yachimata
Kaze no Mura, Chiba, 2006
Opening Falls, Grand Falls
Togabi Art Project2006, Nagano, 2006

yarn rail
Art @ Tsuchizawa, Iwate, 2006

Homage for Katanuma Lake
GOTEN GOTEN 2006 Art Festival, Miyagi, 2006
Spa Line
GOTEN GOTEN 2006 Art Festival, Miyagi, 2006

Ropes of Goodness
Nagano Art Expo 2006, Nagano, 2006

shining yarn
Miyagi Museum of Art,
Sendai, 2006

Christmas Wonder Ship
Wondership, Yokohama, 2005

Mediatheque Falls
Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai, 2005

The Rainbow Yarn on the Way
Sendai Mediatheque, Sendai, 2005
Planting Yarn Seeds from the Deva gate
Keidai Art in Genshoji-Temple, Nagano, 2005
Making Yarn Bridges Every Day
gallery re-bridge, Sendai, 2005
Yarn Rainbow over the Museum
Nagano Prefectural Shinano Art Museum
& Higashiyama Kaii Gallery
Nagano City, Nagano Pref. 2005
Yarn Rainbow over Junior High School
Togurakamiyamada junior high school, Nagano 2004
Loop up Sendai
central part of Sendai City 2004
Yarn in museum
The Contemporary Art Museum of Seishi Nakamoto

Sendai 2004

yarn tour (1st)
Central part of Sendai City 2003

yarn tour (2nd)
Central part of Sendai City 2003

yarn in the boxes
Central part of Sendai City 2004

Fukanuma Beach
Arahama, Sendai
Hatamae Ppasture
Imozawa, Sendai
 rice field
Kamiyakari, Sendai
Up the stream of Hasegawa River
Sanezawa, Sendai
Another bridge
over Yogai River

 Sanezawa, Sendai
Honsunago River
Kawasaki, Miyagi
Taiwa, Miyagi
Okura Ranch, ruins of ranch
Okura, Sendai
Michinoku Lakeside Park
Kawasaki, Miyagi
Nobiru Beach
Nobiru, Miyagi
Hatamae Pasture
Imozawa, Sendai
parks etc
Okura Ranch
Okura, Sendai
Nikkawa River
Nikkawa, Sendai
Natori River
Akiu, Sendai
Yarn bridge over Nikkawa River
Nikkawa, Sendai
Yarn stone in Hasegawa River
Sanezawa, Sendai
Hatamae Pasture
 Imozawa, Sendai





Marunouchi Building Falls
Marunouchi, Tokyo
Afghan Art Project
Yakaolang, Afghanistan
Yarn in the Grassland
Hatamae Pasture, Sendai
Townscapes in Iwadeyama
Iwadeyama Date Project
Iwadeyama, Miyagi
Kankaku Museum
Iwadeyama, Miyagi
Proposal for Toride Art Project 2004
Toride, Ibaraki
(Proposal was rejected)
Yarn over Sendai City Hall
Sendai, Miyagi
some sketches
some plans with fleece